The Oasis

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  • Airbag on Both Shoulder, 4 Airbags move to compress shoulders
  • 8 Massage Points in backrest, 8 massage points inside of the backrest work in unison with other massage zones to provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to toe.
  • Hip Compression Airbags, Round airbags on each side help relieve tension and stress.
  • Foot Massage,Deep Stimulation, Relieves Exhaustion, Promotes Blood Circulation.
  • Arm Airbags and compression,Full Wrap Leg Airbag Massage
Usage description:
The use of time is limited in 30 minutes, the same parts of the use of time limited in 5 minutes. The use time is too long, can cause muscle pain and nerve pain. Advice day time should be limited to 30 minutes. Do not use immediately after dinner. In order to avoid discomfort. Use felt unwell, should immediately stop use, consult a doctor. When in use, take down the decorations, in order to avoid the accident or injury. To confirm the position of the massage ball, and then sat down slowly, so as not to cause an accident or injury. Put down the foot, pay attention to prevent hands caught in the bottom of the feet, and confirm the lower leg without children, and small animal articles to guide to hurt. Massage around the head, pay attention to massage ball movement, do not force too much, in order to avoid the accident or injury. Use not to sleep, lest use cause injury or physical discomfort in the unconscious. Power, should be closed immediately Switching power supply, the accident caused by the power plug from the power socket and pull, in order to avoid re energized. Before using this product in the using process, do not use medical supplies, cosmetics, cream or lotion wipe used in products or back. Do not use this product directly with your skin contact use.